Friday, September 24, 2010

Seven elephants killed in a train accident

Seven elephants were killed by a goods train on Wednesday 11 September 2010 in India. This incident happened in JALPAIGURI district 1.5km from BANERHAT station. Three adult females, two young elephants, a full grown male elephant and a calf got killed.  dTwo young elephants were walking on the railway track when the signal came and the railway track closed. The baby elephants got trapped. The other elephants came to rescue them, and then the train came and killed them. One elephant charged at the train and the driver made the train speed up even faster and killed the elephant. Two elephants were badly wounded but not dead. They even managed to drag themselves out of the railway track. They died the next morning.
The place had no big trees and it was a moonlit night.  The driver would have been able to see the elephants. If the driver had been driving at a good speed he would have been able to stop the train from hitting all the elephants.
If you want to read more have a look at this link In this link there is also a video on the accident.

Have a look at this video on the accident.

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